Nowadays, the circumstance surrounding real estate and real estate-related businesses in Japan has changed drastically. People’s awareness of real estate has shifted from possession to use with the collapse of the land myths in Japan, real estate has been monetized due to the penetration of foreign capital, the economic situation has deteriorated due to global financial instability, and the accounting system surrounding real estate has changed in the trend of international accounting standards. Furthermore, other than global environmental problems, Japanese people are facing various problems such as the major disasters that have been recently occurring including the unprecedented Great East Japan Earthquake, population decline due to the decreasing birthrate and aging, and the spread of the COVID-19 infection which is becoming the national crisis of Japan as well as of other countries. As a result, professional services related to real estate are becoming more and more complex, specialized, and diversified. On the other hand, how to grasp current conditions of real estate, how to utilize it, and how to manage risk while earning profits have come to major issues, which might affect to the value of owned real estate, in turn, have great impact on corporate performance.

In this way, specialized services related to real estate have become more and more difficult. Those who simply have knowledge of real estate can no longer carry out these services, nor can they maximize customer profits. As a matter of fact, this country is lacking professionals who have both the expertise and comprehensive ability to perform such tasks.

Since our founding in 1999, we have not only been engaged in real estate appraisal services, but also have been putting emphasizes on consulting and advisory services. We have been eagerly struggled for various urban redevelopment projects, co-developing building projects, rebuilding projects, engineering advisory services including engineering reports as well. Through those services, we have been enhancing our comprehensive capabilities in real estate, construction projects and concerning finance, etc.

We have several real estate appraisers as our main members, among which are professionals who also have various experiences in actual field such as finance, architectural design, urban redevelopment, and we can supply practical know-how’s according to the requirement of each project.

We are professionals who have core competencies based on sure expertise and comprehensive abilities. Going forward, we will continue to form partnerships with our customers, aiming to provide the best solutions as an independent consulting firm.


Masayuki Yoshimura