“Tokyo Review 056″ Shibuya area-10 The “Urban Core” in Shibuya Hikarie and the Undergroundization of Tokyu To-Yoko Line

“Tokyo Review 056” Shibuya area-10

The “Urban Core” in Shibuya Hikarie and the Undergroundization of Tokyu To-Yoko Line

We talked about the opening of Shibuya Hikarie and the fact that the Tokyu Toyoko Line was underground and started to interoperate with the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line as an opportunity to remodel Shibuya once every 100 years. Let’s get a little more in detail.

The Tokyu Toyoko Line originally wrapped around the Yamanote Line and turned east. The platform of the Tokyu Toyoko Line is on the second-floor level. To transfer from the Keio Inogashira Line onto the second-floor level to the Tokyu Toyoko Line, it was required to go up the stairs to the third-floor level concourse to cross the JR Yamanote Line. And had to go down again. In 2009 (Heisei 21), the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line opened and a platform was built on the 5th basement level. However for four years after opening, in order to transfer from the Tokyu Toyoko Line to the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, it was required to go down six floors.

Meanwhile, Shibuya Hikarie was completed in 2012. Hikarie is a complex facility which consists commercial facilities, cultural facilities, and offices. However, its main feature is that it contains an urban space that moves up and down by an escalator. The escalator in this urban core can move in the cylindrical space from the level of the ticket gate on the 3rd basement level of the Tokyu Toyoko Line / Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line to the 4th floor above the ground. It was convenient as a transfer line.

With many people getting off at Shibuya Station and switching through the complex that they have built, they can expect to attract customers to Shibuya Hikarie Commercial Facility. Tokyu has decided to make the Toyoko Line underground and to join the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line with the aim of further improving convenience for railway users. Many customers who have once got off the train and switched will pass through Shibuya Station. Nevertheless, Tokyu gave priority to improving the convenience of its customers.

In the sky lobby on the 11th floor of Hikarie, there was a 1/500 scale model of the future remodeling of Shibuya. Under the window, you can see the new station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, and you can see the changing picture of Shibuya. Tokyu decided to remodel Shibuya, not only to improve the convenience of train users, but also to upgrade the attractiveness of Shibuya city itself. If some customers drive by, they will certainly see the attractiveness of Shibuya increase more and more.