“Tokyo Review 024″ Nihombashi area-8 “Nihombashi Revitalization Plan” aiming to proceed toward next step

“Tokyo Review 024” Nihombashi area-8

“Nihombashi Revitalization Plan” aiming to proceed toward next step

As we explored so far in the past posts, Nihombashi area has been increasing its position as a Tokyo business hub. Some people call this area combined with Nihombashi area, Yaesu area and Kyobashi area “Nichi-Hachi-Kyo”. This is formed from the binding initial words of the three areas. Originally Nihombashi area has been the center of commerce and finance of Tokyo, producing long-established stores and strong merchants. The Bank of Japan was built on the site of the Kinza and the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the vicinity of the Kabuto Pier. However, as large-scale developments proceeds and office floor supply increases, the unique business accumulation with historical and cultural scent have emerged. I assume that it has already acquired high status and high customer satisfaction. In fact, there is a wide choice of restaurants to choose for lunch.

In terms of area activating strategy, Mitsui Fudosan and othe private organizations are making considerable effort including traditional “bridge washing” and other events, which have very unique characteristics representing Nihombashi. The free bus “METROLINK Nihombashi ECO” circulating from the Yaesu exit of Tokyo station to the periphery of Muromachi runs using used tempura oil as a part of its fuel. Another example is the introduction of the “Water Way” circulating around Tokyo by water transportation, utilizing the pier underneath the Nihombashi Bridge which was completed in April 2011. This was operated by “Sumida River Basin Funicular Tourism Liaison Committee”.

Meanwhile, the biggest challenge still held by Nihombashi is the project relocating the elevated expressway underground. The expressway runs above this cultural heritage. It is one of the legacies of the Tokyo Olympic Games 1964, but this idea to make it underground has been discussed since the 1990s. It seems not be in time for the Tokyo Olympic and the Paralympics Games 2020, but afterwards, it is likely to be realized.

In the “Nihombashi Muromachi Mitsui Tower” of “Nihombashi Muromachi 3-Chome District Urban Redevelopment Project division A”, the commercial facility “COREDO Muromachi Terrace” will launch in the autumn of 2019. The main tenant of the commercial facility will be the “Eslite life” which I had once introduced in the blog’s “Taiwan Series”, knocking on the door of Japan for the first time. In addition to the state-of-the-art office space, it seems that the halls & the conference functions and commercial facilities are likely to be enriched. The large roof over the square in front has already appeared, enhancing our expectation to the further improvement of charm in Nihombashi area.

Furthermore, development is starting one after another such as the “Nihombashi 1- chome redevelopment” around the south side of Nihombashi, Yaesu 1-chome east district of Tokyo station Yaesu exit front, Yaesu 2-chome northern area, Yaesu 2-chome middle district. Tourism resources such as Fukutoku Shrine, specialty shops for soup stocks and knives to support world heritage Japanese food, and Nihombashi, where many well-known inscription points line up, will also serve as a major base responding for inbound tourists’ demand. We can expect, when Nihombashi recovered the blue sky, a new landscape will appear to us all.

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